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You heed the calling from Kingdom of Eremidia, where the King himself gives you a mission to escort him to the uncharted island and return to the capital town as soon as possible.

Long story short, you arrive at said island, along with the King through all the hardships, and greeted by the expedition team the King had dispatched weeks ago. Both of you receive hospitality and service, and as planned, the King and you will return to the capital town next evening.

Later that night, however, you find a mysterious book. Filled with curiosity, when the King touches said book, a brief, shocking light flashes upon your presence. What will you do?

Eremidia: Dungeon! is a dungeon-crawler RPG which implements various feature in RPGMakerID flavor. It is a community-driven project that will include most, if not all of characters of RPGMakerID game projects.

You play as the chosen Scout of Eremidia mainland, taking your chosen Heroes and the cursed King himself to dwell the deep, dark dungeons filled by Minions and many monsters that are waiting for you. Treasures, challenges, and traps are also waiting for you to be undiscovered in the dungeons.

Explore the potent of every of available Heroes that you've discovered either by help of the Librarian or by your finding in the dungeon, providing myriad playstyle depends on the player's liking. And at least, find and defeat the Black One to bring the peace back to Grace Island, where the threat itself comes from.

If you find bugs, glitches or have suggestion, send email to richter_h[at]crescentsun.space. There are planned several expansions of this game; the further contents will be developed depending on demands.


The story of Eremidia: Dungeon! starts in 994 AE, about 300 years after the famous Hunting Age and 994 years after the foundation of Kingdom of Eremidia and King Dnas I was crowned. Our king today, King Dnas XIII, was crowned in 974 AE, marks 20 years he rules the kingdom and maintain the prosperity of his people…

Even only a few knows that our king has been cursed by a dark mage namely Magas, the wretched evil soul who wants the king is dead. King Dnas was escaped from death and return to the Eremidiana Castle—in his tiny, adorable green frog form that caused Queen Prima, his wife to kiss him immediately. Alas, as the fairy tale told the children and like the popular beliefs, the curse can be broken by a kiss from the princess… And they couldn't make their child to kiss their own father as the curse can be broken by princesses with no bloodline with the King.

The Wizard made a Gathering—now to discuss the way to break the King's curse, and they decided to tell King Dnas that the curse can be broken by killing the one who curse him; Magas must be killed to lift the curse once and for all. King Dnas vigorously accept that little, risky chance and hope that is the way to return to his true, human form. Knowing that chasing down Magas is hard enough because he moves in random pattern from one place to another, he decided to hire someone who knows every corner of the place in the kingdom. And, there is the Scout, which literally is you, answered the King's calling.

That time you came to the throne before the King himself, Magas' whereabouts has been revealed thanks to the expedition team the Kingdom sent a month ago; he is in the backwater of the kingdom, the mysterious Grace Island, planning for something nasty and endangers the Kingdom.

So, you and the King set sail to the island in quest to break the curse and stop Magas's unknown plan. Soon, you and the King will realize that Magas' plan is to bring back the Dark One, the entity that once strife to devour the Forumia and defeated by certain Summoner, to life once again… Not only the Black One, you'll find the forgotten art of summoning that can be used to defeat the Black One… in risky yet worthy price.

Will King Dnas break his curse and stop Magas' plan in the Grace Island?


  • Explore floors of Dungeon filled by various kinds of monsters and Minions with limited visibility and ability to escape the dungeon immediately. You can backtrack the dungeon you've previously left before you retreat the dungeon.
  • Starting with four Companions from four different lore with their uniqueness, find and unlock other Companions with their own specialty as well. Currently there are about 20 different Companions and still counting, each with their distinctive background, skills, characteristic, and fighting style as well.
  • Unorthodox Hero's statistic, inspired, brought and implemented from Defense of the Ancient which specifies Hero's primary stat, separated damage power, complex damage calculation, and stats affection upon other Hero's aspects as well. Implementing RTS system into traditional turn-based system isn't an easy thing, though…
  • Along with your party levels, you have your own Experience Point and Level that useful to unlock certain locks, characters, or certain features in game. There are two currencies as well, Dnas and Dime, that useful for your general shopping and summoning Companions purpose, respectively.
  • Summoned Heroes are based on RPGMakerID's game project characters, bundled in the Epoch, each with their specialty, prowess, and weakness. In other hand, the monsters have their strength and weakness, forcing player to consider swapping his/her current party member. You can keep your initial party members through the dungeons, but with no guarantee of effectiveness against certain monsters.
  • Skill level. Each Hero has learned their moves, but you need to upgrade them in order to use them in battle. Access Status -> Skills menu to choose the skills to be upgraded, and each upgrade costs its level.
  • Know from where your Heroes are. Each character is one with his/her stats info, project of origin, and short background that explains his/her role in their original game. This is the initial purpose of Eremidia: Dungeon!, to document every of notable characters in each RPGMakerID games.
  • Craft accessories. Crafted items often have additional effect to wearer, make it as an advantage since there are many supportive accessories that useful for party, while some are good as booster for certain Heroes, and some are just good enough in its plain form.
  • Rune system, a separate equip slot that alters bearer's stat into what the Rune offers. Each comes with its pros and cons.
  • Battle system itself using Timed-Hit system, as in Paper Mario and other Mario RPG games, and was taken from the previous Wandering Brawler, improved exclusively for Eremidia: Dungeon! with intention to give an interactive battle in each encounter. It'll be explained in-game, for its high complexity level and steep learning curve.

Once again, if you find bugs, glitches or have suggestion, send email to richter_h[at]crescentsun.space. There are planned several expansions of this game; the further contents will be developed depending on demands.

StatusIn development
Release date Apr 17, 2017
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsDungeon Crawler, RPG Maker, Tactical RPG
Average sessionA few hours


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