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The story is set in a place called Site 0019, which is owned by a shady organization called Cromwell's Institute. Nobody knows what is Site 0019 and how could you ended up in such shady place.

A security breach combined with power failure crippled the Site. It is your only chance to escape from such place, but it won't be a walk in the park; dangerous Samples are on the loose, and the security backups will come anytime soon...

Can you escape from Site 0019?


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excusme can i have some game texures because i want to do game on scp universe and im polisch scp writer  a btw(Your game is great)

Hi richter , saya developers game dari surabaya indonesia. Saya tahu kalau kamu berasal dari bandung. kita sesama developers game indonesia seharusnya saling support . Minta tolong mungkin bisa membantu saya dengan follow akun saya lalu beri komentar dan rate game saya. Kalau suka bisa coba game saya atupun donwload game saya. Jika ingin support bantu kami dengan donasi ataupun support dengan bergabung jadi patron kami. Makasih minta bantuannya sesama developers indonesia 



Hi richter. This game is really creepy! Through nice use of sound effects and environment, this is a scary sci-fi maze to run through. The difficulty level is good, as players will probably die a few times, but you will eventually be able to pass the areas. I also liked how you can get ‘email’ help and can peek and strafe. It reminds me of the Metal Gear series actually. I am not familiar with the SCP series but I don't think this affects gameplay here.

The one thing that could be improved is it would be best if sometimes you guys can brighten the scene a little or use zoom to make the sprites bigger. This way we can see the scary Samples (fantastic artwork!) much clearer. 

Good job guys and good luck!

Disclaimer: This is an objective comment as although richter is on our team as well this is his own separate project, and we have not had a chance to play this beforehand.

Hello there Mark. Thanks for the comment; my friends have seen this and they agreed about the screen and the sprites. Anyway, we decided to stick with default VXA resolution because of time constraint, as both you and I have acknowledged with it.

Also, many thanks to you.

Interesting SCP-like game but with different creatures that aren't, thankfully, just copypastas of SCP's with a different name!


Thanks a lot.

Yes, the inspirations mostly came from SCP, but we added some twists on every Samples (partially because of the workarounds made as the development goes on). Some information in the H-Pads are meant to not be accurate, too, as you can see when finding one containing Sample03. Also, Theo (the coder of this project) wanted to add more flavor into the game, but since the game was meant to be developed in less than a month, we haven't added it yet.

Glad to see you like the game. Once again, thanks a lot.

This game was great! I loved the feeling of the game, the different samples worked great and they were so creepy looking I was actually scared of them lol :D You have my vote!