A downloadable game for Windows

First of all, this is a technical demo version of Eremidia: An Empty Tome project that focuses mostly on combat mechanics and the newly implemented Achievement system. 

Check the main game's page for more information about the project: https://richter-h.itch.io/project-dungeon  

(note: the main page contains an old, obsolete demo; it's still playable, but the contents are now irrelevant to the current version)


(Note: Not an actual plot; the plot written below is purposed for technical demo use only)

The Chessmaster of Pars Mythos has invited you to play his game of chess. However, this game is not a mere chess; it is a game where you take control of characters listed in The Empty Tome, and you start with only two characters to work with. 

On top of that, he also has set up a series of challenge for you to beat. Each challenges will grant you an extra edge and/or additional units for your party.

Complete all of his challenges, and the Chessmaster will deem you worthy enough to face him directly.


  • Three levels of "challenges" + one hidden level; with randomized prizes on completion
  • Grid Battle System; fight various enemies in chess-like battlefield
  • Achievement system; there are total 75 achievements to be unlocked
  • Score system; in each battle, you gain scores which will be summed up in the end of each paths
  • Up to 55 unique, playable characters; start with two at first, the rest are obtainable via achievements
  • Battle Sandbox mode; learn the gimmicks of each playable characters in sandbox mode

Install instructions

  • Unzip the downloaded .zip in folder of your choice
  • Go to ED-Arena folder
  • Run Game.exe

In-game settings can be checked on Settings menu in title screen or on in-game menu. If you still have RC2 version of the game, please download Update v1.5.270419-RC3  and apply the update first before applying the patch.


ED-Arena v1.5.270419-RC3.zip 198 MB
Patch v1.5.300419-RC3.zip 1 MB
Update v1.5.270419-RC3 27 MB

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