The Quest, it continues!

Have put a few things in the latest sprint, and while the story development is not progressing that fast, there are some interesting cues worth to mention in this month’s devlog. Mad Queen arc storyline is being written at the moment, so it'll take a while to finish--not to mention, some revisions will happen soon or later.

First of all, I’ve made it to make half of the entire cast’s character art. It’s quite something, since this had been started six months ago. Maybe I’ll can make the entire cast in the end of this year. Maybe.

And then, while the story is kinda… well, stuck (not really stuck tho, I still need some time to make it more interesting), a side story emerged based on the newly established setting. The ‘Skyward Temple’ party is about to have a spotlight in this project, and here’s the interesting part: they’re about to have their own game, too. The ‘Skyward Temple’ project is currently being held by TheoAllen—and as part of the collaborative work, I provide some assets as well as establish the character design of the project’s main party.

Left-to-right: Terra Erde, Alfred Soleil, Emille Lunar, and Stella C.

Terra, in the game, being the strongest character in unassuming looks

"Beam'em up, Lunar!"

Visualizing the character concepts is quite something, I'd say. In Mad Queen arc, some villains will have their spotlights and (hopefully) they'll reveal their motives in the story. Here's some character art of them

The Mad Queen herself. Rumors have it, she has some sort of relationships with the Town Guard.

The leader of Pars Mythos cult. Also, rumored to have some relationships with the Town Guard. Why the villains are related with the Town Guard, anyway?

Supposed to be the characters appearing in one of sidequests in Mad Queen arc. One is the good side while another is the opposite. Whose side the Scout will take?

In the UI department, there's a revamp on the character menu. It's meant to give players a bit more info about said character as well as some insights on how well he/she would make it when he/she is in active party. 

For sake of convenience in gearing'em up, the equipment UI is also revamped.

Also, some old contents got revised and revamped. The redactions in scenes were... well, some were absurd at best, so I had to work on it once more. Here's one of the reworks I've made for the game, which also may give answer of why and how Iris came out of the book like Richter tends to say.


That's all for July Devlog. Anyway, there's a new demo will be out soon; I'll make an announcement once it's up and ready, so stay tuned!

Anyway, Leila's Tavern is always open, so as you know, but currently the last line will be said by the now-entitled Stealth Explorer, Theodoric Allen. He's so unassuming as a Royal Guard but eh, he's still a legit one.

"Dammit, Theo! Don't mention that name again!" -- H

Forgot that the Docent has proper ending line for this devlog. Here it is:

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