Patch v1.5-100818 is available

Intended for Eremidia: An Empty Tome v1.5-050818. 
This patch should remove several issues in the demo. Extract and copy-paste the extracted files into game folder (the patch should affect Data and Languages folders) 

The patch requires a new game to work. 

Patch details: 

- Fixed some grammar errors 
- Fixed the unintended gate interaction at Rift's third iteration map which leads to an error 
- Fixed the blank dialogue choice at Mistress Chamber scene 

- Changed the rule of first boss battle 
- instead of hit the Lurker till it has 50% HP remaining, the combat requires player to survive 5 turns 
- Fixed cleave and splash damage interaction when using attack-type skills 
(example: when Flay equips rune Sigil of Warrior and uses Poisonus) 
- BOSS BATTLE: Arphage and Howl will remove all debuffs on them when they launched scripted moves 

- Female Scout's Shatter now deals damage based on her base damage as well 
- Iris' Blackhole instant death to non-boss enemies chance increased to 90% 
- Fixed Richter's Drawbuckle Rune incorrect 'target-seeking' behavior 
- Now the linked target limit is working 
- Theo's Ensnare cooldown increased from 2 to 3 
- Theo's Ensnare and Everlasting Bond entangle state duration decreased by 1

If you can't download the patch, or if you have owned the main build (and don't want to redownload the entire files), you can get the patch here >>


Patch v1.5.1000818 1 MB
Aug 10, 2018

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