Hello again. By the way, there's another demo available...

So, it has been a while after the last update, huh...

To be frank, the development of Eremidia: An Empty Tome was halted for a couple of months because of several reasons (I can't blame my daytime job for this, anyway, but the fact says otherwise). The Act 2 of the game has been shelved for months; in fact, I'm reconstructing the storyline and rewriting everything from the scratch due to inconsistencies between one element to another. 

Besides, the Great Library is supposed to be the last place Scout and party will visit. In the game demo, Great Library is the first place they will visit, so... yeah.

In the other hand, the game itself received lots of reworks and improvements thanks to people who willing to give it a try since the demo was released back in August last year. Also, among all things that holds up together, the battle system is the one that grows stronger over time--not gonna lying, I've thrown a "technical demo" of the game in Crescent Sun discord server for testing and evaluation purposes, and that's one of reasons why the game is still developing despite its "hiding from the radar" status.

And by the way, here's one of the latest recordings from the "technical demo build". Some improvements are showcased in this video. Take a look.

Along with this brief devlog, I'd like to invite you to Crescent Sun discord server, where most of updates and things in developments are posted and discussed there.


That's all for now, I guess. Cheers~

P.S.: If you wonder where's the new demo, it's not in this itch.io page. I'm still unsure if I'll make another itch.io page dedicated for the "technical demo" version of the game or I'll just upload it here in the game's main page. For that reasons, the demo is currently available only in Crescent Sun discord server.

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