The redirection of Project Dungeon

As you may have read in the game's description, Project Dungeon is a redirection of the previous Eremidia: Dungeon! with slight adjustment in contents and major changes in storyline as well as the presentation of the game. This decision is made as an answer of Eremidia's decline since last year.

The changes are meant to be vessel of either unreleased, shelved, and scrapped working concepts of the game's previous versions. Some were given drastic chances in the process as well. Here's summary of notable changes in the current build:

Playable Scout

Back when in Eremidia: Dungeon!, the Scout is more like a "pokemon trainer" who brings the summoned characters into the depth of dungeons and that's it. The Scout gives little impact into either the game and storyline; it's the Frog King who decides the flow of story and to where player should go.

Now, in Project Dungeon, the story will revolve around the Scout whose choices will make impacts throughout the story. Bound with 'karma' pseudostat, every action made will come with the consequences. Also, the Scout takes the first seat in battle; they--both male and female one--come with their skill set, and are versatile fighters who can fill in many scenarios.

The Rift

Project Dungeon takes place in similar place like the previous Eremidia project: a desolate island far from the mainland. However, there's a twist in the setting; the island now is a floating island in the sky, and the game's intro tells player about the expedition conducted by the King himself--one-way expedition that traps the whole crews in that island. 

The first area player will stumble upon is the Void Rift, or Rift in short. While it barely describes its connection with the floating island, some NPCs have hinted the correlation between the floating island and the Rift. It's player's task to find out the connection between them and what implications it may create...

Improved Battle System

Eremidia: Dungeon! was known by its Grid Battle System, which is now improved in Project Dungeon. Tile Break and channeling spells have been added as well as enemies' behaviors in battle; some might be charging forward, while some others might be retreat to back row and safely cast spells. Some bosses even have skills that derived from the allies!

Also, some more battle animations added into the game and old animations have received treatments.

Chapter One: Nordborough Keep

First installment of Project Dungeon's side stories has been included into the current build, in fact the side story is tailored as the introductory chapter for the next chapters will also incorporate several side stories for the Scout to unravel.

Chapter One is set in a 'fictional' realm where the ruined Nordborough Keep stands firmly atop the hill. The Scout and party are to investigate what really happened around the keep and ultimately return to their home realm. They'll meet up to five characters along their way around the keep, and although it's only a short chapter, it has multiple ending.

Chapter One marks the first milestone of Project Dungeon, and thus the alpha version is available. However, the alpha is not distributed publicly for now. It'll be distributed soon.

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Anyway the music so nostalgic =A=a, I remember this project....and I saw ron d kid, haha. Good job for the first release in public, and nice intro anyway.,

Yeah, the project brings back memories of several years ago. We have been separated as the time goes on, but I'm taking the opportunity to actually bring this project to the world and give a remark for those who were involved in the project. It deserves more attention and remarks than it had gotten.

Also, thanks, mate.
P.S.: Your name is still in there