Getting into the Chapter Two

Bump for a little update. Some more characters introduced in Chapter Two. Talk about to make the Sanctuary a little bit crowded....

First, meet the Barkeep

The Barkeep

She's smol and harmless, but she's damn good at serving foods and drinks!

One of the Chapter One outcomes is the introduction of Leila, who runs her own tavern in the Sanctuary. There will be not so many patrons, though, since the game is set in a desolate island....
Leila provides inn service as well as a "party disband" command. Don't underestimate this smol lady!

Meet the... Who's this green-haired fella?

Who's this green-haired fella? And why people are around him? Well, we'll see it later.

Meet the Disciple

This timid, stout little girl will aid the Scout in their quest of unraveling the mysteries around the Rift... but her real cause is to reenact the former glory of Four Guardians--that's a story for another day, though. To date, she is the tankiest character of An Empty Tome roster and provides more of a nuisance to her foes. Lots of ice walls will be erected when she's around, I'd say.

Also, there are some changes made in the dev version, like the rearrangement of Ring Command menu and some changes in the characters. For the Ring Command menu, it's rearranged so the Move command can be seen when a character is ready to take an action. This is based on fact that some players didn't know the Move command exists.

Currently I'm still working on the dialogues and the narratives since, after some feedback, some lines are off the story, causing the loss of contexts. The next build will be available soon.

Maybe that's all for now. Cheers~

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