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Eremidia: An Empty Tome

The journey to Great Library recorded in blank pages · By richter_h


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Tech Demo Available
Hello again. As I've mentioned in previous devlog, the newest "tech demo" of Eremidia: An Empty Tome is about to be released; and it is the time to announce th...
Hello again. By the way, there's another demo available...
So, it has been a while after the last update, huh... To be frank, the development of Eremidia: An Empty Tome was halted for a couple of months because of sever...
The Calm Before the Storm...
Gotta get used with's devlog features from now on. Anyway, here we go... Last month was a major, if not a big month for this project. A playable demo ha...
Patch v1.5-100818 is available
Intended for Eremidia: An Empty Tome v1.5-050818. This patch should remove several issues in the demo. Extract and copy-paste the extracted files into game fol...
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Quick Patch: August 5 2018 6:30 PM PST
There's a report that the game missed some audio files. Here is the .ZIP of missing audio files; extract it right in the game folder (where the files should the...
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An Empty Tome demo is available!
The new demo to show what's the game is about. Moment of truth, if you will. Since a lot of things implemented in the game are experimental features, feel free...
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The Quest, it continues!
Have put a few things in the latest sprint, and while the story development is not progressing that fast, there are some interesting cues worth to mention in th...
Found the clues in the Library? Well, not really.
Surely, since there's still no discernible clues about what's happening around the Rift, the Scout has to dig deeper and see whether they can find something sig...